Policy Types

NZB Insurance is the market leader in providing quality bloodstock insurance products to protect your investment.

This is our standard insurance policy, insuring you against your loss in the event of the death of your horse, if it needs to be euthanased on humane grounds, and for limited theft. Our standard policy insures the horse anywhere in New Zealand. The policy does not cover pre-existing conditions. We recommend an annual policy.

Prospective Foal
This provides you with protection for the pregnancy of your mare. The policy covers you in the event that the mare is not in foal or the foal does not survive to the expiry of the policy, which is usually to 30 days after the foal is born, but can be longer. It also covers the death of the mare. 

Whether you are importing or exporting your horse, we can insure the transit risk for a fixed period before flight until usually 30 days after the arrival at the final destination.

Stallion Infertility
In addition to a mortality policy, for an additional premium your cover can be extended to insure against the possibility of a stallion becoming totally and permanently infertile or incapable of serving mares as a result of an accident, sickness or disease. First Season or Congenital Infertility is also available for horses going to stud for their first season.

"We have insured our horses with New Zealand Bloodstock for more than 15 years now. The financial support they give to our industry, the quality of insurance cover placed and the easy management of any claim process has always impressed us."— Bruce & Maureen Harvey, Ascot Farm

Stallion Loss of Income
A stallion's potential income can be insured for the breeding season. This is particularly useful where an Australasian stud is shuttling a stallion from the Northern Hemisphere. The same policy can also be placed for stallions permanently residing in the Southern Hemsiphere.

Unsoundness of Wind
For an additional premium it is possible to insure a foal against failing a post-sale endoscopic examination at NZB's Yearling Sale. The foal must be insured for Unsoundness of Wind within 90 days of birth. This policy is exclusive to NZB Insurance.


If you have more specific requirements, please contact us as we can provide special policies to suit. For detailed descriptions of each of our policies, please request a copy by contacting us.