Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I go about insuring my horse?

    We will need your details as well as the details of the horse(s) you want to insure. You can do this online or you can call our office: +64 9 298 0055.

    We can usually confirm the cover there and then over the phone subject to you completing the necessary paperwork. On receipt of the completed proposal, an insurance certificate and invoice are issued and posted to you.

    Applications are subject to approval and conditions may apply. To view our standard policy wording click here. 

  • Who are your underwriters?

    Your insurance policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds (refer to for current ratings) with whom we have a longstanding valuable relationship.

  • Is a veterinary certificate required?

    A vet certificate is required at the inception of each policy for any horse aged 14 and over and for any horse valued over $100,000 (+GST).

  • Do you only insure racehorses?

    No, we can insure all types of horses - thoroughbreds, standardbreds, miniatures, competition horses, ponies, etc. We require ID for recreational horses at the time of placing the insurance.

  • What age can I insure my foal from?

    Foals can be insured from 24 hours of age subject to a vet certificate and blood sample.

  • Do you offer Loss of Use cover?

    We do not offer Loss of Use policies except for racehorses in Hong Kong.

  • Is there GST on the premium?

    Effective 1 October 2016 cross-border purchases by New Zealand residents of goods and services bought through offshore providers will be subject to GST.

    New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd is a registered Lloyd’s Coverholder. We place all our insurance with Lloyd’s of London, an offshore provider and therefore GST of 15% will apply to all insurance policies of New Zealand residents from 1 October 2016. In the event of a bona fide claim, the settlement figure will be the sum insured GST inclusive.

  • How do you value my horse?

    At the time of placing the policy, we consider many variables in order to establish a value including purchase price, breeding, race or competition record, age, etc.

  • What age can I insure my horse up to?

    Horses up to and including 17 years can be insured.

  • Can I insure my horse overseas?

    Our standard policy covers New Zealand and includes any transit within and between certain countries. We offer transit insurance and can insure your horse in almost every country in the world.

  • What if my renewal falls due on a weekend?

    Renewal forms are sent to each policy holder prior to the expiry of each policy. It is up to the individual policy holder to return the completed renewal form by the expiry date.

  • What if my horse gets injured or ill on the weekend?

    We are contactable by mobile on +64 27 459 8098 or +64 21 895 444 if your horse happens to fall ill or gets injured on the weekend. If necessary the attending vet can call us to discuss.

  • What happens if I have a claim?

    The first thing to do is to give us a call. If your horse becomes ill or gets injured, it is important to let us know straight away. During business hours we can be contacted on +64 9 298 0055 or after hours on +64 27 459 8098 or +64 21 895 444.

    Remember it is the responsibility of the owner, not the vet, to let us know. If the vet has to put the horse down immediately to prevent incurable excessive suffering, you don't have to get our permission first. The welfare of your horse comes first, however the claim must be supported by a post mortem from the vet.

    In the unfortunate event of you losing a horse, please contact a member of the team so a claim form can be forwarded to you. Along with a completed claim form we will need any relevant vets reports and a post mortem to be forwarded so the claim can be submitted to underwriters for agreement.


  • Do I need to advise if my horse needs an operation?

    Yes - if you are planning any elective surgery, you need to contact us first. An additional premium may need to be paid to make sure the operation is covered under the policy.

    If, however, a lifesaving operation is required then no prior advice is required. If possible, please contact us first, although your main priority is to give your horse the treatment it needs to save its life.

    In these situations, mortality insurance is covering you in the event your horse dies as a consequence of the surgery. It is not covering the costs – they are the insured’s responsibility.

  • What exactly does mortality insurance cover?

    The correct term for this insurance is All Risks Mortality (ARM) Insurance. A simplified description is the death of your horse (or the need for humane destruction) as a result of an accident, sickness or disease. Read the full mortality insurance terms and conditions for New Zealand residents.

    If you have another query, please contact us.