NZB Airfreight Successfully Re-Enters USA Market

10 June 2021

NZB Airfreight successfully exported six horses to the United States.

One of the largest equine freighters, NZB Airfreight, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a flight freighting six standardbred racehorses from New Zealand and Australia to the United States. 

Four horses were transported to Australia from New Zealand, where they joined a two-horse shipment exported from Australia to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

After arriving in good spirits and spending a mandatory seven days in isolation in America, NZB Airfreight can confirm that the racehorses exited quarantine on 8 June ready to join their owners and compete on Northern Hemisphere turf.

NZB Airfreight Manager Greg Northcott was pleased and relieved after the successful completion of the export to the United States.

“Given the current economic climate, we knew it was going to be a challenge to get this flight off the ground but saw an opportunity to re-enter a market that has been temporarily closed due to COVID-19.”

“At present, NZB Airfreight’s equine flights are operating between New Zealand, Australia and Asia, with limited capacity to freight to other parts of the globe.

Rydgemont Son (NZ) (Majestic Son) touched down in the United States. 

“Because of the scarcity of Northern Hemisphere flights, we were thrilled we managed to fulfil the needs of our group of owners, many of whom had horses waiting to be exported in Australia and New Zealand for several months prior to this flight,” he said. 

Three of the six horses were shipped with the intention of racing in Canada for leading owner Mike Tanev, who was delighted by the service he received.

“Working with NZB Airfreight was such an unreal experience, right from the initial talks with Greg, to the pick-up of horses from their farms in New Zealand and Sydney,” he said.

“The communication that I had with Greg made it so easy as an owner to understand a step-by-step process of the whole flight. Once Greg took over the reins, the picture became very clear that they had my best interests in mind.

“The horses that I shipped up came from both New Zealand and Australia for the sole purpose of racing. They are faster natural milers, and will hopefully succeed in Canada,” commented Tanev.

NZB Airfreight can confirm there will be another flight from New Zealand and Australia, heading to the United States that will leave Saturday 17 July. This flight will have limited spots available and clients will be prioritised on a first in first-served basis.

For any queries, or expressions of interest contact NZB Airfreight Manager Greg Northcott on +64 27 459 4995 or email [email protected].