NZ-bred Group One Winners

Celebrating 2018-19 New Zealand-bred Group One Winners

Race Date Club Type Stake Name Breeding Owner Breeder
NZ Sires Stakes 3YO Final 13-Nov NZ Metro 3YO C & G Pace $170,000        
New Zealand Cup 13-Nov NZ Metro Open Pace $800,000        
NZ Trotting FFA 13-Nov NZ Metro Open Trot $100,000        
NZ Pacing FFA 16-Nov NZ Metro Open Pace $200,000        
Dominion Trot 16-Nov NZ Metro Trot $300,000        
Queen Of Hearts 14-Dec Auckland F & M Pace $100,000        
Sires Stakes Fillies Final 31-Dec Auckland 3YO Fillies Pace $150,000        
Auckland Cup 31-Dec Auckland Open Pace $250,000        
National Trot 31-Dec Auckland Open Trot $100,000        
NZ Breeders Stakes 15-Feb NZ Metro F & M Pace $100,000        
Northern Oaks 1-Mar Auckland 3YO Fillies Pace $125,000        
Cardigan Bay Stakes 8-Mar Auckland 2YO Pace $100,000        
Northern Derby 8-Mar Auckland 3YO Pace $250,000        
New Zealand Derby 5-Apr NZ Metro 3YO Pace $200,000        
NZ Trotting Derby 5-April NZ Metro 3YO Trot $100,000        
NZ Trotting Champs 5-April NZ Metro Open Trot $100,000        
Easter Cup 5-April NZ Metro Open Pace $100,000        
Fillies Classic 26-Apr Auckland 2YO Fillies Pace $100,000        
Taylor Mile 26-April Auckland 4YO Pace $100,000        
Anzac Cup 26-April Auckland Open Trot $100,000        
NZ Sires Stakes Fillies Champs 3-May Auckland 2YO Fillies Pace $150,000        
Northern Trotting Derby 3-May Auckland 3YO Trot $100,000        
New Zealand Messenger 3-May Auckland 4YO Pace $100,000        
Rowe Cup 3-May Auckland Open Trot $150,000        
Nevele R Fillies Series Final 10-May NZ Metro 3YO Fillies Pace $140,000        
NZ Sires Stakes 2YO Final 17-May NZ Metro 2YO C & G Pace $170,000        
The Breeders NZ Oaks 17-May NZ Metro 3YO Fillies Pace $150,000        
Harness Jewels 2YO Ruby 01-Jun NZ Metro 2YO Trot $125,000        
Harness Jewels 2YO Emerald 01-Jun NZ Metro 2YO C & G Pace $150,000        
Harness Jewels 2YO Diamond 01-Jun NZ Metro 2YO Fillies Pace $150,000        
Harness Jewels 3YO Ruby 01-Jun NZ Metro 3YO Trot $125,000        
Harness Jewels 3YO Emerald 01-Jun NZ Metro 3YO C & G Pace $150,000        
Harness Jewels 3YO Diamond 01-Jun NZ Metro 3YO Fillies Pace $150,000        
Harness Jewels 4YO Ruby 01-Jun NZ Metro 4YO Trot $125,000        
Harness Jewels 4YO Emerald 01-Jun NZ Metro 4YO E & G Pace $150,000        
Harness Jewels 4YO Diamond 01-Jun NZ Metro 4YO Mares Pace $150,000